Mine Backfill

Testwork & Mix Design

QPE have invested heavily in our paste capability. Our Kalgoorlie Laboratory, allows us to undertake UCS, Slump and Viscosity testing of samples to generate robust data for decision making and system design.

We have developed a structured testwork methodology which can be tailored to any budget and generates data to enable evaluation of the preferred mix and the associated fill performance.

In addition, key elements of testwork data are utilised by our Mechanical Engineering team to develop flow models of reticulation systems and evaluate the estimated operating parameters. These models form the basis of system control and can be calibrated through the use of a control loop in the reticulation during operation.

Based on the above, QPE develop reliable paste solutions and provide key data to enable plant and system PLC’s to have a degree of automation over the systems standard operating procedures (SOP).

  • Own and maintain a testwork laboratory
  • Mix Design
  • Flow Modelling

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