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2 Position Diverter

The QD2 has been designed as a highly practical inclusion to any backfill system.

Pneumatically driven by a simple connection to mine air, the valve can be locally or remotely actuated via the inclusion of electrical control.

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The most versatile piece of minefill equipment greatly increases system utilisation while decreasing exposure hours and mitigating operational risks. See how the QD2 can assist your operations.

  • Available in 6” and 8”
  • Various Drive Arrangements
  • Specifically designed for underground minefill
  • Manual or Fully Automated
  • 12MPa Rating

Product Details

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The QD2 plays a key role in mitigating the risks associated with system stoppage/blockage. By maintaining a full line condition and being able to “crack” a pressurised line, the QD2 effectively reduces the system friction losses that impact the flushing process and thus ensures the reticulation line can be cleared quickly prior to first set. 

Once the stoppage/blockage has been cleared, the system can be reinstated in seconds, ensuring production schedules are maintained and form an essential part of a modern paste backfill delivery system.

Front View
Rear View
Side View

The two (2) position Quattro Paste Diverter is a proprietary product proven to increase the reliability, efficiency and safety of underground paste reticulation systems by allowing the paste reticulation line to be safely “dumped” to a dedicated sump or flow diverted between two separate reticulation lines.

Available in standard sizes of 6” (150NB SH80) and 8” (200NB SH80) with custom sizes available on request, the QD2 diverts paste flow whilst maintaining a full line condition. Standard actuation comes via a simple pneumatic arrangement utilising the mine air circuit for manual operation. Remote operation can be facilitated via the inclusion of an electrical control box with pneumatic control. The QD2 can be optioned to function as an underground flushing station and as a pig insertion device thus ensuring mitigation of line blockages where a surface flush is not possible and ensuring retic lines are fully cleaned. Quattro’s QD2s are Australian owned, manufactured and designed to suit Australian hard rock UG mining conditions and form an essential part of a modern paste backfill delivery system.


  • Isolation
  • Dump
  • Diversion
  • Rated to 10MPa
  • Schedule 80 Pipe
  • Automated Control System (PLC)
  • Various Mounting Configurations
  • Standard ANSI 600 Flanges
  • Robust, Rugged Construction
  • Insitu Service and Overhaul (Seal replacement)
  • Available in 6” and 8”
  • Auto and Manual Lockout
  • No Dead Zones

Download the Product Flyer

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