Mine Backfill

Introduction to Holistic System Design

Gravity fed fill delivery systems are limited in the available driving head to ensure the system flows. As such, the further the reticulation system extends from the paste plant, the greater the system friction to overcome.

Typical paste systems are subject to conflicting drivers; Firstly, to reduce the amount of binder required to achieve strength which is countered by the requirement to achieve flow from surface to stope. In refining the mix to minimise binder, the solids content is increased to the point where the total system friction head approaches the system gravity head.

To allow operators to encroach ever closer to this point, QPE developed a series of proprietary diverters that maintain the full line condition with automated electric over hydraulic or pneumatic actuation.

QPE’s engineers develop system flow modelling which predicts the change in pressure across a given segment of reticulation. QPE’s pressure sensing spools, strategically incorporated into the reticulation, can then provide feedback to the plant operator of the actual line pressures and when the pressure drop is approaching a predefined limit. Once the limit is reached, the operator can actuate the diverters to a dump position and run a flush sequence.

This sequence effectively divides the systems friction head into segments, whilst maintaining the available gravity head for system flush which ensures key infrastructure of boreholes and reticulation pipework can be cleared quickly and effectively to allow operators to minimise binder without jeopardising the fill operation.

  • Segmented System Design
  • Holistic Design where Plant and Reticulation are centrally controlled via PLC
  • QPE’s proprietary hardware

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