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The mining industry is perpetually driven by the requirement for increased efficiency and safety. To that end, QPE have worked hard to develop a culture where our people are encouraged to look at existing processes with a view to developing better ways to do things. This attitude has seen the development and launch of a multitude of in house products that have contributed extensively to the progression of the industry.

QPE own and operate two (2) state of the art 3D printers which enable us to translate our ideas into digital models before turning it into a physical object for prototyping and product development. Adoption of such technologies is testament to our commitment to innovative thinking.

Our range of Q Products have been developed from the pursuit of improved safety and efficiency from our own contracting operations, a changing legislative environment, or the critique of conventional methodologies. Each has been proven to achieve its goal of contributing to the continual improvement of the industries we service.

2 Position Diverter

The QD2 has been designed as a highly practical inclusion to any backfill system.

Pneumatically driven by a simple connection to mine air, the valve can be locally or remotely actuated via the inclusion of electrical control.

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4 Position Diverter

The Quattro 4 position paste diverter offers an unprecedented level of control to underground paste reticulation systems.

Engineered in accordance with statutory code requirements the QD4 enables safe, controlled and efficient diversion and isolation of pressurised paste lines in an underground environment.

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Changover Spool & Pressure Sensor Spool

In keeping with QPE’s history of developing innovative product solutions for the underground hard rock mining industry come the QCS and QPSS.

Line changeover in complex paste backfill systems has historically been a time consuming process requiring intensive plant and manpower. The Quattro Changeover Spool is a simple jig designed to streamline this process to allow underground personnel to focus on other critical activities.

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Fan Hanging System

Quattro have developed and implemented a mechanised solution to installing and removing underground mine ventilation fans. Traditionally, this activity has required working at heights procedures and exposed employees to awkward work spaces to accommodate the fan geometry.

This system does not require any working at heights when installing the fan and additional work to attach ducting can be carried out from a standard work basket. The system is time efficient, and requires less personnel than traditional methods, resulting in significant reduction in exposure of employees to risk.

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Mobile Elevated Work Platform

In response to the ever-increasing statutory requirements associated with Integrated Tool Carriers (ITC) coupled to work platforms for working at heights in the underground environment, QPE have developed and registered conforming designs with Worksafe Australia.

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Q Claw & Q Brace

Quattro Project Engineering have revisited the way underground services are hung & braced.

Our fully engineered and certified Quattro Q-Claw offers a technically sound solution which significantly reduces the cost associated with each pipework installation.By offering a single point of support, the requirement for the drilling and installation of rock bolts is halved, while the Quattro Q-Claws ability to “hug” the pipe greatly improves the ease of pipe suspension.

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