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Q Claw

Q Brace

In keeping with QPE’s history of developing innovative product solutions for the underground hard rock mining industry come the QCS and QPSS.

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Q Brace
Q Claw

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Quattro Project Engineering have revisited the way underground services are hung & braced.

Our fully engineered and certified Quattro Q-Claw offers a technically sound solution which significantly reduces the cost associated with each pipework installation.By offering a single point of support, the requirement for the drilling and installation of rock bolts is halved, while the Quattro Q-Claws ability to “hug” the pipe greatly improves the ease of pipe suspension.

The Q-Brace system allows lightweight, multidirectional tensile bracing from a system that is easy to site install without the requirement for custom pipe fabrications. Secured to the pipe via bolt on frictionClamps, the bracing arrangement can be installed anywhere along the pipework as required. The system has been designed such that the lengths of each brace can be adjusted to suit site conditions while thesystems symmetry resolves loads in any direction.

Q Claw

  • Certified to a SWL of 1000kg
  • Halves requirement for rock bolts
  • Installation time greatly reduced
  • Reduced cost
  • 6” & 8”

Q Brace

  • Improved safety
  • Multi-Directional Bracing
  • Lightweight Construction
  • Clamp on Bracing
  • Tensile load resolution
QClaw End View
QClaw Front View
QBrace End View
QBrace Front View

Download the Product Flyer

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