Mine Backfill

Plant Design & Construction

Following the completion of QPE’s testwork above, key data is provided to our Process Engineering team to develop the fundamentally important Mass Flow Balance data which in turn allows the development of a Process Flow Diagram to suitably define the required system.

Through our strategic partnerships with OEM providers of applicable mechanical equipment, QPE ensure workable, reliable solutions for pre-process classification (de-sliming) and filtration are developed and incorporated into the overarching system.

QPE maintain that there can be no separation in the design process between plant and distribution reticulation. As such, QPE generate a design and specification for reticulation that incorporates key control hardware and instrumentation that allows the underground reticulation to be controlled and monitored via the plant PLC. This integrated design has been proven to significantly de-risk the paste operation.

Construction of the plant can be completed under a turnkey, lump sum arrangement, or in the event of a modular plant, can be financed as part of an ongoing operation contract. All construction is conducted in accordance with QPE’s ISO 9001 certified systems for construction and project management while maintaining conformance to our groups overarching health and safety policies.

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