Paste Backfill

Paste Backfill Solutions

Quattro Project Engineering have combined our operational experience with technical engineering capability to develop hardware specifically for use in underground paste backfill operations. Whether it be the simple to use Quattro Changeover Spool (QCS) for simple manual diversion of flow, or the fully automated Quattro Diversion Valve (QDV) which allows the operator to remotely divert, dump/flush and isolate the system at the touch of a button, QPE’s solutions continue to innovate.

Paste Contracting

Quattro Project Engineering have developed contracting teams of underground technicians and service crew to undertake the design, installation, commissioning and operation of paste backfill at remote minesites across Australia. Our people work to the highest standards of safety, and each of our Engineers has been specifically trained in the technical aspects of paste backfill to ensure that we can remove the traditional disconnects between surface and underground creating an efficient, safe and reliable paste backfill system from plant to stope.